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MiniLasers for everyone

I don’t work with lasers professionally. I just bought a NEJE Engraver and I am going to share my experiences with it. Laser Engraving for Everyone – will be filled with knowledge about cheap and affordable Laser Engravers like the NEJEs or Colemeter. I will do a lot of testing with different Materials and Techniques.

Laser Engraving for under 100 bugs is an amazing thing.

To be able to engrave various small everyday things yourself is a lot of fun!

We will test what is possible and what isn’t.  Can you engrave Wood, paper, rubber or metal? Is it possible to cut something with these Mini Lasers? Which parameters work best? What is the best size and resolution? We will see!


Just because . . .


Useful for every creative person to broaden your horizon.


The Laser is small and compact. You don’t have to have a dedicated area.


For under 100 bugs you just can’t say NO.


What did you miss . . .

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