MiniLaser Safety – Use common sense

MiniLaser are a realy nice addition to any Creatives arsenal. And even though they are not built for production work, they are a lot of fun. These Lasers don’t take up much space, are pretty cheap and very lightweight. As far as I can tell the only drawback is a lack of safety features, because they are so cheap and small.

Safety is a big concern with these small lasers.


The first rule in MiniLaser Safety should be to use common sense to protect your senses and your health.

  • Keep a fire-extinguisher nearby!
  • Good ventilation is also very important to protect your lungs.
  • Use eye protection and avoid to looking at the beam as much as possible.
  • If you want a tattoo, this not the way to go. Keep your fingers away from the beam.
  • >> Don’t  try to engrave anything with Chloride in it (e.g. PVC or Polymer Clay). It will result in chlorine gas, which can be deadly <<

I use a Ventilator for mainly three reasons:

  1. It keeps the unhealthy gases that are a byproduct of the engraving away from you.
  2. It keeps the byproducts away from the laser and keeps it cleaner.
  3. It will help the longevity of the laser by cooling it.

I will work on this list as I go, but after a lot of research, this should be a very good starting point.

Any question or suggestions? Leave a comment!

Have a nice day 🙂


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